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Perfect for those cold wintery days. 

Nourishing, healthy and incredibly easy to make.

ChickPea and Lentil Soup

"Let them eat cake" - literally!

Spelt Muffins

Tumeric Tea - Drink your way to a healthy lifestyle

Golden Milk


Watching your intake doesn't mean you can't enjoy your little pleasures...

Healthy Mayonnaise

Nothing like a hearty broth on a cold winters eve.

Bone Broth

Soup which warms your soul and nourishes your body, the ultimate comfort food for any occasion.

Miso Soup

Perfect to refresh and revitalize, giving your body a healthy boost with every sip.

Alkaline juice

Add a bit of homemade crunch to your favourite dish.


Where tradition meets health!


Let vibrant colours come together to nourish you in all the right ways

Rainbow Food

Let the comforting blend of spices bring on a new sense of relaxation and warmth

Chai Tea

Cool off with a guilt free indulgence! Summer here we come!

Super Food Ice Lollies

Enjoy the creamy goodness of coconut paired with the earthy sweetness of carrot.

Coconut and Carrot Soup

This one's the full package. Healthy , nutritious and Instagram worthy!

Beet and Berry Smoothie

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