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  • 2 calf’s feet cut in chunks by butcher,

  • 12 peeled cloves of garlic sliced thick,

  • 5 bay leaf

  • 10 pepper corn,

  •  tablespoon of Himalayan salt,

  • half a teaspoon of ground pepper,

  • 4 hard boiled eggs,

  • peeled and sliced into circles.



  • Rinse calf’s feet, add to the pot 4 garlic, onion, salt, pepper, bay leaf, pepper corn. add enough cold water to cover.

  • Put on small flame and bring to boil, cook for overnight or 10 hours or until the meat literally falls off the bone.

  • Remove meat, separate from bone, chop meat into small pieces and keep in the side.

  • Sift the soup to another pot add 8 peeled cloves of garlic sliced thick and bring to boil. You can then switch it off. Let the whole thing cool and then check for seasoning.

  • Remove the garlic at this point. May need more salt.

  • In a ceramic or glass dish line the chopped meat.

  • When the soup cool enough to handle, slowly pour on top of the meat and a half the egg slices Add the remainder of the eggs to the surface, push down into the liquid till covered. Try to keep the circles intact.

  • Put into the refrigerator until solid. (Think Jelly) Cut into small portions and serve. Before eating remove off any fat that has congealed on top of the surface and throwing it away.

  • Serve cold.

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