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Healthy Mayonnaise

Making homemade mayonnaise is easy and it tastes better than most store-bought versions.

In addition, you can choose to include only healthy ingredients in your mayo.

This way, you can avoid the refined vegetable oils that most commercial brands use.

You can also experiment with your mayo, adding many different ingredients and flavours.

Here is a very basic recipe to make your own homemade mayonnaise:



  1. Before you start, make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature.

  2. Put the egg yolks in a food processor or blender. Sprinkle with salt and add water.

  3. Start blending while slowly pouring the oil into the feed tube.

  4. After the mayo has gotten thick, add lemon juice and gently mix with a spoon.

However, note that the egg yolks in mayo aren’t cooked. If salmonella is a problem where you live, then this may be a concern .

This recipe is great to start with, there is more to ideas to add to the mayonnaise for different flavour . When you add the lemon juice you can add :Mustard /garlic /parsley / smoked paprika /black pepper /​chilli powder 

You can store the mayo in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

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