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Eat well, Live well

Day one or one day  - you decide!

Wondering if nutrition is the missing piece in your wellness puzzle? Let's have a friendly chat and find out! Sign up for a FREE 15-minute assessment, where we'll explore if nutritional therapy is the perfect fit for your health journey.

Is Nutrition for Me?

Call me for a FREE 15 min consultation

I'll work system-by-system through your body, discuss lifestyle factors, and get to the root of what is truly behind the symptoms you're experiencing. This initial consultation will be followed up with a 15 minute phone conversation, to check on how you are doing. 

Initial Consultation

£110 p/h 

Face to face or via video call

we'll dive deep into your program, reviewing it thoroughly and discussing any test results I may have recommended you.  We may have to adapt your program to combat any challenges you may be facing and addressing any new symptoms.

Follow Up Appointment

£60 - 30 mins

Face to face, or via video call.  

Appointment Information

Hey! Great to meet you!

My name is Chana Nichtburg. 

I'm a nutrition Naturopathy Dip NT CNM mBANT rCNHC.

I have been working in functional nutrition and integrative medicine health therapies since 2013 and am excited to discover how we can make your life better today.

"One day or day one - you decide!"

Let's take a relaxed approach to understanding your body's needs. We'll chat for an hour, diving into your lifestyle to uncover what might be causing your symptoms. Then, we'll craft a Naturopathic plan that fits seamlessly into your life. And don't worry, we'll catch up for a quick 15-minute call afterward to discuss your next moves.

Achieve Your Health Goals with a Tailored Nutrition Plan Designed Specifically for You

Learn how to balance a sustainable life plan

Health plans designed for you

Private Insurance

Covered by selected health cash plans such as Health Shield and Westfield Health & Simply health


Fudge Browines

Lentil and Chickpea Soup

Beet and Berry Smoothie

Pear Muffins

Superfood Ice Lollies

Bone Broth


I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 32, I couldn't work for a year. My body was so out of synch and I had very little energy. I had fatigue, severe brain fog, coldness , memory problems and bloating. I felt like the doctors all thought I was crazy and nobody was taking  me seriously. I was recommended to see Chana.  She changed  my food habits and  changed  my life style,   I slowly started recover . It took me a couple of month, but now I have my life back. I feel so energetic throughout the day! I even began thinking about starting a family! Chana saved my life!! I don't have enough word to thank Chana for helping and supporting me throughout this rough period in my life.'

Jasmine G 15/09/23


‘My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the last 2 years. I didn't have a regular cycle so it was hard for me to tell when I’m ovulating or not. I knew it could take up to a year to conceive but everyone I know managed to conceive within 2-3months of trying. my partner had a fertility test and all was fine. Despite always being healthy I began thinking I was the problem.  One day when I had practically given up, my friend told me to contact  nutritionist Chana, after three months the doctor confirmed my pregnancy! Thank you Chana for helping me! You changed my life!    

Paula  S  6/07/16


 I have been on the metabolic balance diet for 12 weeks now. I have gone down a size , am full of energy and my skin glows. It is the first time in my life that I have been able to stick to a diet and this is due to the fact that I enjoy what I am eating and most important that I do not feel hungry.

My cravings have gone! . I fully recommend the diet and most of all Chana who is very experienced and comes with nice alternative meal /food ideas to suit everyone.

Rebbeca A 12/06/20

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is based on the scientific principle that food, as nature intended it, provides the nutrients needed to heal the body and to help bring us back to a state of optimum health and vitality. When we talk about nutrition, we're chatting about the good stuff that helps you thrive, whether it's digging into a hearty salad or sipping on a green smoothie. It's like giving your body a soothing massage from the inside out!

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