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Ten facts you never knew about iron...

There are many legends circulating around on the topics of iron-source and origins . in this page I will explain what promotes iron absorption , which inhibits source , and which foods you should consume...

10 true facts you never knew...

1. Iron stores : A human body absorbs Iron which most of it reserves nutrient profile coming from plant foods

2. The amount of iron, plants provides the body with :varied plant foods diet gives the body the amount of iron that it needs

3 .High iron level : high iron level endangers the health of the heart

4. high iron levels in reservoirs : a high level of iron reserves ( ferritin ) may suggest fatty liver

5. Acidic foods : foods acidic reduce the iron stores in the body: meat , dairy , eggs , sugar , white flour , alcohol , caffeine .

6. Caffeine inhibits iron absorption : coffee , cocoa , black tea , white tea , green tea , energy drinks and cola

7. Vitamin C : Vitamin C helps iron absorption , so it is recommended to eat iron-rich foods with vitamin C -rich foods : Most vegetables are recommended as the integration of lemon and red pepper .

8. Absorption of iron from meat and poultry : meat and poultry absorption is very available to the body but it is no advantage . The body does not know to regulate the amount of iron absorbed and excess can settle in various organs ( liver , thyroid , etc. ) .

9. Dairy products : Dairy products low in iron as well as inhibit iron absorption when eating them with more food .

10. Phytic acid and oxalic acids are found in foods such as vegetable full of whole grains and legumes slightly inhibited iron absorption but not in such a way that it will be possible to absorb the iron in general . In fact , this is the way the body absorb as mach as he need.

Plant foods rich in iron : Vegetables : Seaweed , Swiss chard , various other leafy greens , herbs ( parsley , dill , cilantro , etc. ) , artichokes , asparagus , celery , sweet potato and pumpkin . Fruits : avocados , dates , persimmons , strawberries , passion fruit , raspberry , blueberry , watermelon . Beans : Black beans / red / white , Soy ( Edamame ) , peas , chickpeas , lentils all colors . Grain : quinoa , wheat , millet , buckwheat , oats . Nuts and seeds : sesame seeds , cashews , pistachios , almonds .

Highlight : Many plant foods contain iron , some amount of higher and some less, but what is important is diversity in the diet .

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