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Anxiety is a very common problem in the modern life. Studies show that more women than men appear to suffer from it, may well be that less men seeking for help therefore affecting the statistics.

Anxiety can be also acute or chronic. Acute anxiety often establishes in panic attacks, during the time the sufferer cannot think clearly and is overwhelmed by feelings of lost.

Symptoms associated with anxiety:

  • Tight muscles

  • Fainting, loss of balance, dizziness

  • Poor concentration

  • Constant worry

  • Poor memory

  • Diarrhoea

  • Irritability

  • Indigestion

  • Uneasiness

  • Rapid heartbeat/palpitation

  • Tightness of breath, or difficulty breathing

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue

  • Pessimistic outlook

  • Trembling

  • Claustrophobia

Chronic anxiety is less severe or acute i.e. it doesn’t usually initiate dizziness, panic attacks etc, but then again is always in the back of a someone’s mind and leaves sufferers feeling very fatigued and apathetic.

During both acute and chronic anxiety there are physical malfunctions in the brain chemistry, causing the body to send and receives constant false emergency signals. This puts a huge strain on the adrenal glands, which are primarily responsible for dealing with stressful situations. These are our get out of ‘danger’ response glands that over time can also become very tired fatigued.

How nutrition can help with anxiety

Through practically food the body can relaxing and have a calming effect, you can also remove any foods or drinks that increase stimulation. It is also important to ensure that your feelings of anxiety are not caused by an underlying food allergy or sensitivity and to make sure that your blood sugar levels are stabilised. At my clinic I will put all this information together for you in an easy to follow programe that includes recipes and advice on healthy food options from shops and when eating out. Improvement in mood and outlook can occur in as little as a few days with the right nutrition advice

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