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"How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Season"

It’s so easy to get carried away during the winter months with all of the parties, drinking and festive food

Easy ways to navigate through the end of the year successfully


1. The most common issue is over eating at the party. Arriving at an event on an empty stomach will make it all the more difficult to avoid the temptation of the food.


Solution -eat a small snack before you go to a dinner or party. Eating a fruit with a hand-full of nuts or a protein bar is enough to settle your stomach before you go and prevent you from eating the unhealthy foods.


2. Alcohols. they are high in calories and has been linked to an increased waist-to-hip ratio. They also lead to dehydration which in turn brings on over eating.


Solution -Drinking spicy mixed drinks or dark beer. If you’re more into spirits, clear alcohols, such as vodka, don’t pack the same hangover punch as darker liquors. To make them a bit merrier, jazz them up with citrus or spicy flavours – but only natural ones!

Avoid artificial syrups or flavours that have added sugars; Infused vodkas are a good choice. When it comes to beer, darker is usually better. Dark beers have more antioxidants and fewer calories than lighter-coloured beers. Whatever you do, make sure to alternate alcoholic drinks with water; for every cocktail you drink, hydrate with a glass of water. This will help prevent a hangover.


3. Lack of sleep and chronic insomnia is associated with weight gain and increased daytime appetite. This is linked to poor energy regulation via levels of hormones that are involved in appetite control.


Solution -get plenty of sleep 7 -8 hours if possible


4. Stress in the modern world is often emotional and psychological and often leads to comfort or reward eating. Good stress challenges the body to make it more adaptable and better able to regulate appetite.


Solution - loosen to music ,exercise plenty, stretch, focus on some brain teasing puzzles, disconnecting and getting out into nature.



5. When you get the craving- do you really feel hungry? Often hunger is confused with being thirsty and sometimes its just down to plain boredom.


Solution - find something to do or drink a glass of water instead. If you are still hungry eat a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts.


6. Meals- Be organised and disciplined in your menu planning and grocery shopping and you are more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan. Only buy what you need.


Solution - don't be tempted by king size packs or buy one get one free offers!


7. Do you feel hungry after work and always buy a snack?


Solution - prepare yourself by taking a healthy snack with you so you won't be tempted.


8. Exercise are often looked at as a maybe instead of an absolutely.

For significant weight loss exercise for 30 mins, 4 times a week.


Solution-schedule exercise you enjoy into your diary so that you make time for it


9. Remain optimistic research suggests that people who are optimistic positive expectations, empowerment, are more successful at changing behaviors and losing weight.


Solution -meditation, dancing, surround yourself with positive people

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