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How did I come up with my fabulous business name?
LOL..As a child I didn't like my unique name, it made me different from my friends and peers; it was what set me apart, as I grew up though I began to realise how I could use this to my advantage...Distinctiveness is also remembrance...Being original is just a blessing in disguise....  Well, in business anyways:)
What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is based on the scientific principle that food, as nature intended it, provides the nutrients needed to heal the body and to help bring us back to a state of optimum health and vitality. 

How does  it work?

By identifying  nutritional imbalances and finding the root of the problem, and then supporting the body on its journey towards maintaining good health....

Does nutrition help me by just treating one health issue?

No, nutrition looks at the person as a whole, and not the condition itself, killing two birds with one stones.

So...How does nutrition find the cause to the particular health issue?

Simply by listening to the client...

Taking a full case history and going through each systems of the body (digestive, endocrine, reproductive, excretory, skeletal, immune, muscular, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and skin, hair and nails).

From what age nutrition can help?

it benefits all age groups.

Does nutrition suit everybody?

Believe it or not...No! Not everybody can enjoy nutrition, only someone who is interested in changes in their lifestyle, wanting to get better, believing in bringing their body back to its optimum of health and understanding that it it isn't a one pill wonder;  will be able to use nutrition to its full extent.  

How often do I need to come to see the nutritionist?

Personally I recommend coming six weeks after the first appointment to assess, make adjustments and fully comprehend the future. 

With what exactly can nutrition help?

Optimum energy levels, healthy blood-sugar balance, emotional and psychological well-being, gut health,  hormonal imbalances food  intolerance ,boosting immunity ,stress management ,fertility ,skin conditions ,menopause​...etc

So basically all I can eat is lettuce?

Following a nutritional therapy programme does not mean you have to cut out from all the foods you enjoy! It’s about making simple, practical changes that can easily become a way of life; to put you back in control and give you a natural balanced focus.

I'll design a realistic programme that will help you to reach health goals. The approach is personal and tailored to your specific needs and adjusts to your lifestyle.

So will I need to take a....blood test?

If I feel it is necessary I will send a refer letter to the  GP 

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