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Afraid that you will run

out of healthy lunchbox

ideas after a week?

Healthy Lunchbox Workshop


The Workshop will cover:

* What is a healthy lunch and why is it so important?

* How to pack a healthy lunchbox and strategies for making it less stressful

* How to deal with picky eaters and tips for actually getting them to eat vegetables

* You will walk away with some great recipe ideas included tasting, and the motivation to start providing fun and healthy lunches for your children.


The information you learn in The Healthy Lunchbox Workshop will not only help you immediately, but it has the potential to create positive habits that can serve your family for generations to come


by Chana Nichtburg N.D professional Nutritionist.

Tuesday,1st Sept 2015 at 10.30am -12.30 .

 Wednesday,2nd August 2015 at 8-10pm.  

141 Gladesmore road. Cost: £15

 The workshop will run in a small group, limited space RSVP’S required!

Book your place- 07970447584

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