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Chick peas and lentil soup


 1 cup orange lentils

2 cups chick peas

 3 tomatoes- peeled and chopped to small pieces

1 courgette - grated

 1 carrot- grated

3 garlic cloves

 1 onion chopped to small pieces

Water and a bit of salt and pepper

A bit of parsley- for flavouring



With a bit of oil fry the onion and garlic, add the tomatoes and then the lentils, mixing all the whilst. After a few minutes add the chick peas and vegetables, the parsley, and water about ¾ of the pot height. Next -let it to boil until the water is bubbling and once it does turn the flame down to the lowest. Cook for one hour until the chick peas soften. Note- you may just need to add a little more water

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