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July 4, 2016

 There are many legends circulating around on the topics of iron-source and origins . in this page I will explain what promotes iron absorption , which inhibits source , and which foods you should consume...

10 true facts you never knew...

1. Iron stores : A human body absorbs Iron which most of it reserves nutrient profile coming from  plant foods

2.  The amount of iron, plants provides the body with :varied plant foods diet gives the body the amount of iron that it needs

3 .High iron level : high  iron level endangers the health of the heart

4. high iron levels in reservoirs : a high level of iron reserves ( ferritin ) may suggest fatty liver

5. Acidic foods : foods acidic reduce the iron stores in the body: meat , dairy , eggs , sugar , white flour , alcohol , caffeine .

6. Caffeine inhibits iron absorption : coffee , cocoa , black tea , white tea , green tea , energy drinks and cola

7. Vitamin C : Vitamin C helps iron absorption , so it is recommended to eat iron-...

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Ten facts you never knew about iron...

July 4, 2016

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