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About Chana

My personal approach is built on the principle : ​

  • Not working by the book - every person is different and therefore need to adjust for special treatment

  • No harm -use  therapeutic that can't  harm a person 

  •   education - educate the patient and give him the tools  to applied further treatment after complet  the treatment for  process itself .

  • Strengthening - using theraputic that  reinforce human body

  • Listening to your body and soul - diagnosis and listening to the patient as a complete unit , not just the disease that he camoe for.

  • Listening to the client  - treatment matching the patient 's belief , needs and lifestyle so that he could implement the recommendations .

  • Focus on the details - the small details of the diagnosis and interpretation of what the body is trying to tell through desires ( desire for sweets , for example ) , emotions , and symptoms are expressed in the body in different ways .

  •  Avoiding taking unnecessary  supplements and focus on the treatment of mild and natural as possible and according to the given health condition

  • The laws of nature - entering the body with simple  food , clean and nutritious .

My Story


As a mother of five children, my children were constantly sick, I found myself at the doctor surgery far too often for my liking. I could never expect to leave the surgery with a straight answer and it infuriated me, how is it possible that my child has a virus twice a month???

" come back in a week if it still bother you". Was all I was told, by then anything could have happened...

I found out my children had developed food allergies, such as asthma and eczema and I quickly realized how powerful food changes could be.

Discovering the benefits of nutritional therapy was a bit like an awakening. I saw everything through new eyes, it was like there was a whole new world waiting for me until I finally acknowledged the value it held for me. My experience has made me become so passionate about nutrition and it’s this reason that urged me to share my learning  with all the clients that come to see me.


I believe that our bodies are designed to be healthy; disease mostly break out due to faulty lifestyle . The world's population is becoming more and more sick , the doctor's are thrusting drugs at us that help with the symptoms of the illness but don't deals with the root of the problem, eventually leaving us with an impairing health .

With dietary changes, herbs and dietary supplements can help the body heal itself from disease without pumping the  body with drugs. Always remember.... A diet can spoil the  body, or rebuild the body, its all a matter of which path you choose to tread...

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